We understand that buying your first home may seem like a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be!  The biggest issue facing most first time buyers is that they don’t understand the process.  It’s OK, that’s why the Denman Team is here.
While we encourage you to contact us and get involved in our Mortgage 101, here are a few key tips when searching for your first home.
Don’t look for homes outside your budget
Of course, that means you need to know your budget.  A mortgage calculator can help you estimate your new home payment.  This will let you know what your maximum housing budget will be.
Do budget for more than your mortgage
In addition to your mortgage, you will also have property taxes, insurance and home repair costs.  When creating your budget, you want include these costs along with any other fees you might face. For example, do you plan on painting your home or redecorating it?  Add those costs to the budget!
Do know your options   
A good mortgage broker will lay out your options, but it’s important to know the basic options available to you.  There are many different types of loans and financing types.  We suggest your start by reviewing loan types and then move onto some basic options.
When you’re ready for more help and advice, talk to the Denman Team, Tony and David are always there to help.  Call us at (402) 884-5605!