How Long Dies it Take to Get a Home Loan

Home ownership is the American Dream and a home loan makes that dream a reality.

With other lenders and banks, the loan process can be stressful and time consuming. The Denman Team and Regent Financial have streamlined the process which enables us to have the most efficient service around. Our loans typically close within 1/3 of the time it takes the big banks.

So how long will it take to process your home loan?

The answer varies based on individual circumstances, but the way we handle the loan process gets the job done efficiently and effectively.

The Denman Team and Regent Financial keep tabs on the entire process by keeping the loan in-house from start to finish. We process, close and underwrite our own loans. We have internal teams in each department. Your loan is a priority, and is viewed as such by each department.
The Denman Team is going on three decades of experience. Our Underwriting Team has close to six decades of experience. We work in harmony to find solutions to hurdles or obstacle that would typically get a loan denied or delayed by the big banks.
What is an example of such an obstacle?
When someone doesn’t quite meet the credit score cutoff. We have internal software which tells us exactly what needs to be done to get your scores into a lendable range. This software is expensive but has enabled us to get loans closed that the big banks couldn’t. It shows our willingness to invest in our clients.
Our experience and training enables us to “see the big picture” about a borrower and their personal situation to determine how to make loans work, get them approved, and get them closed.
What else makes the Denman Team different from the big banks? 
The Denman Team goes the extra mile for each and every client. We often work weekends and evenings to accommodate a client’s schedule. Our dedication and commitment is unparalleled.
Discover The Denman Team Difference today and experience a different way to go through the mortgage process.