Are you getting ready to buy your first home?

We know the process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  Find out about the Denman Difference and how it can help you navigate the home buying process.


For most, their home will be the biggest purchase that they ever make.  Many of your biggest questions are likely about the financial aspects of home buying.  From your credit score, to the down payment, to equity building, there is a lot that goes into buying a home.

Let’s start with your down payment.  We require at least a 3.5% down payment, which puts home buying within reach for a wide range of buyers.   Do remember though, the higher your down payment, the less of your home you have to finance.  That can mean big savings down the road.  A higher down payment is likely to lower your interest rate and decrease monthly payments.

Your credit score is probably one of the most confusing numbers that you will ever deal with.  To find out more about what your credit scores means click here.

There are several assistance programs to help first time home buyers including NIFA, the Nebraska Investment Finance Authority, who work with buyers and mortgage professionals to secure favorable terms.  The Denman Team can help you determine what assistance programs may be right for you, however NIFA loans are not offered through the Denman Team.  Talk to Tony or David today.


Another big concern for younger buyers is mobility.  Whether it’s moving with your career or to be closer to your family, young buyers often worry that a house will bind them to one city.  Even with a low down payment, you may be surprised by how quickly you can build equity (value) in your home.  Given today’s low home prices and interest rates, building equity in your home has seldom been easier.