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I was trying to take out a mortgage for my first home, I called local banks and discussed my situation with their loan officers and none of them was able to approve my loan. One of the loan
officer’s provide a phone number to Regent Financial Group. At the first meeting with Tony Denman, he was able to quickly assess my financial situation and gave me new hope of getting
my own house. During the whole process, the team of Tony Denman and David Ruehter guided me every step of the way to make sure I was on the right track. They patiently explained every
small detail and promptly answered my questions as a first time home buyer. Surely enough, less than a few months after I talked with Tony Denman, I am now just days away from my closing. I
can’t thank them enough for making my dream come true and Tony got me a very good rate on my mortgage as promised!
Shu H L

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