Responsible for Rebuilding Our Credit Worthiness

My wife and I have been working with Tony since 2004.  We had a family business that had some trouble in the late 90’s leaving us taking on a lot of business debt which ruined our credit.  Tony has been responsible for a major part of rebuilding our credit worthiness over the last 8 years, while providing us the opportunity to get money at times when we were not able to get a traditional bank loan.
When we first met Tony, we were attempting to refinance our mortgage to get some money for continuing education in my IT consulting business. I need to take some professional classes so that I could get my Microsoft Certifications for several of their System Engineer Professional Certifications. We had gone through the school’s financial aid program to no avail and some of the professional continuing education financing online programs, but we were turned down for all of them.  Tony Denman found a way for us to refinance our home to pay for my classes.  In the years between 2004 and 2005, Tony helped provide financial means for me to take 16 classes in the evenings, weekends, and summers.  I still hold the record, at that school, for taking the most classes in an 18-month period.  I took all of the classes for 5 different Microsoft Professional Certifications and 3 general Security Network and IT Technical certifications through the CompTIA program.
In 2006, our furnace broke down and we needed $4,000 to replace the unit.  We did not qualify for the HVAC company’s in-house financing, and we found out that to get the financing we also needed to have home owner’s reinsurance and the insurance company wouldn’t cover the home unless we also ha the roof repaired.  There was no way we qualified for even part of the work.  Again, Tony found a way for us to refinance the home again to get the funds we needed for the repairs.  Needles to say we got the roof repaired and a new furnace.
Then here in the last 60 days when interest rates dropped below 5%, we decided that maybe we had raised our credit enough after all of the work Tony has helped us do that  we could finally get a loan that would take advantage of and lock-in some of these historic interest rates.  Tony worked out a way that we could pay off a couple of our old debts that were still lingering around, and he got my credit score rescored so that we qualified for a fixed-rate, 15-year mortgage at a rate below 5%.  I was astounded!