The Most Straightforward Person We Have Ever Met

Dear Mr. Denman
I am writing to your body to tell you “Thank you” so much for your training and assistance in getting our home refinanced.  You taught us so much more than we did when we got our first mortgage.  We now understand what type of loan we have, how important it is to understand and ask questions if you do not understand what someone is telling you.  It is just not buying a home, but rather knowing all aspects of owning the home.  I know for both of us, we were worried about not getting refinanced, losing our home.  We have three children, very important to keep them in the only home they have ever known.  
You took so much stress off us, we are now back on the right track.  I know that every time a friend, relative, or just someone we have met talks about the mortgage process or refinancing, we automatically tell them to contact you.  You are the most straightforward person we have ever met.  You don’t promise anything you can’t deliver.  You are easy to talk with, you do not hold anything back.  The truth sometimes does hurt, but it makes you a wiser person We both feel very “wise” and feel we are heading on the right path now.
Thank you again, for all your help.
– Jason, Brittany, Brendan, Jensen, & Tehya Albers