The Denman Team stand apart from the rest

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Dear Tony,
Thank you so much for all the assistance that you provided while we tried to salvage the purchase of our home. Without you and the Denman Team, we would not be in our dream home, and for that, we are profoundly grateful. If I had to craft the perfect mortgage team, I do not think that I would have ever come close to designing a team as skilled and professional as the Denman Team. When our loan fell through with another mortgage company at the absolute last moment, you stepped in and got us into our home in ten days. Amazing! When the other mortgage company could not decipher the Frank Dodd Act in relation to my student loans plus a mortgage, your underwriter did not hesitate for a moment. The knowledge and skill that your team possesses coupled with expediency makes the Denman Team so remarkable. As we have told you repeatedly, we gained more knowledge, guidance, and experience in the ten days working with you than we gained in the five months working with the other mortgage company. I cannot imagine giving any other mortgage company a higher recommendation than the Denman Team. The dedication that you gave us did not go without notice, and we are so very grateful. Thank you for all of the extra hours, including nights and weekends, which you and your team put into our mortgage application. The dedication, experience, and knowledge are what make the Denman Team stand apart from the rest. Saying that it was a pleasure working with you is a profound understatement. Our mortgage
experience with the Denman Team was remarkable—something that we definitely cannot say in relation to any other mortgage company with which we have worked. We will be forever grateful.
Rachel & Charles Proud homeowners because of the Denman Team

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