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My wife Brandy and I started our refinancing adventure by going through our current (now former) lender. I called and spoke with an agent in the same office and answered some questions and filled out information on their site to get the process started. I was told I would hear back by the end of the week. I never received a return call. The following week we received credit reports in the mail illustrating a less than perfect credit record. We assumed that was a gentle way of saying we don’t want your business.

We weren’t discouraged and starting asking/looking around. A good friend Dave S. suggested I look into Tony Denman with Regent Financial Group, as that is who he recently went through and was impressed. I emailed Tony and got a reply back within an hour asking that I fill out the questionnaire on his website and that he will get back to be before the end of the day. I did receive an email late that evening stating that our credit was within the parameters allowed and that he would like to get us into the office to get the process started.

While there he and his team were kind, professional and eager to assist. Tony took the time to illustrate how a 15 year loan was so much better than the old 30 year loan we had. He showed that the first 18.5 I was paying more towards interest than towards principle. On the new 15 year, I was paying over 100 more towards principle payment one. He was also proud to show off the book of testimonials, to which I am sure this letter is now located. They were prompt with getting information to me making it easy to comply with requests and return required documentation. Tony referred me to several local businesses for home repairs I was in the process of calculating. He also got me in touch with a local insurance agent that did a fantastic job shopping around for a great/affordable policy. Overall we were very pleased with the process and can’t think of anything to make it any smoother.

Thanks Again Tony and Team! ~Matthew & Brandy

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